• SHAG

    Starting at $149.99

    Shag rugs are sophisticated additions that could turn any home into a cozy, welcoming environment. Shag rugs are listed among the hottest design elements that you could choose to add to your existing decor. Due to their fine synthetic construction, these additions are easy to maintain and can preserve their great looks and functionality for years in a row. Such machine-made beauties are the epitome of luxurious comfort and can offer your indoor space a touch of elegance while maintaining a modern feel.


    Starting at $149.99

    Inspired by nature our natural fiber rugs are great for any room. Whether a foyer or entrance way or a children's bedroom, no matter the room, such a rug will work great. Highly durable, natural fiber rugs are provided in great varieties amongst our wide collections. Sisal rugs are among one of our largest selection of natural fiber rugs. Browse our collection today for a natural fiber rug for your home!


    Starting at $199.99

    Flatweave rugs have a unique look and feel that place them in a class of their own. Unlike their heavy pile counterparts, flat woven rugs typically have a thin profile with a very low pile. This distinct construction difference is not just for looks, it does serve as a means for the piece to display incredible durability and toughness.


    Starting at $299.99

    Take a walk on the wild side with our animal printed rug collection. These are rugs that look fierce in spaces small and large. Animal print rugs may be just what you're looking for. These rugs bring a touch of the wild to an otherwise tame room and to showcase your fun personality. Some of the most popular animal print rugs are zebra prints, due to their black and white pattern blending in well with other colors. Other popular designs include tiger and leopard animal print rugs. Animal print rugs are one of many styles viewed as modern or contemporary rugs and give a sophisticated feel to any area.


    Starting at $99.99

    Turn your backyard into an extension of your home with our indoor/outdoor area rugs. We have all kinds to choose from – no matter what your style – sure to withstand any kind of weather. Our collections are not only durable and stylish but they will protect your deck or patio or turn a section of lawn into an outdoor living room.


    Starting at $199.99

    Transitional rugs have emerged as a favorite rug choice for interior decorators and designers who are looking to walk the line between traditional and contemporary style. Transitional rugs often showcase traditional rug patterns with bolder colors, thicker lines & modern flair. Transitional rugs can give you the best of both worlds in terms of style and design.


    Starting at $199.99

    This modern floor covering can add a fresh and upscale look, and can also offer whimsical abstract styling. If you like the modern look but have traditional furnishings, you can add some contemporary accents such as vases, blinds, lamps, etc. to meld the traditional and modern styles together. Sometimes it is just about using minimal color which can enhance many different decorating styles and can even offer a visual resting place when the rest of the room has a lot going on


    Starting at $599.99

    These special rugs are those who appreciate fine craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Hand knotted rugs often require many hours of work on the part of a skilled rug maker as intricate patterns create a high-density carpet that will outlast its machine-made counterparts. Explore our luxurious area rugs in colors and patterns to suit virtually any décor. You’ll find something new every time you look! If you want a rug that just might outlast the floor you place it on, look no further than a hand knotted rug. It just might become your new favorite thing.


    Starting at $199.99

    Traditional area rugs are among the most common decorations in homes across the world. Even though casual and contemporary area rugs are very popular, most people live in traditionally styled homes and enjoy traditional interiors. There are many traditional area rugs to choose from, most of which blend easily into any décor as they have an understated style and elegance. A traditional area rugs is a great place to start when decorating a new room and looking for inspiration and direction for the rest of the room. You can base the entire look and feel of any room around a traditional area rug.